Sous Vide Lobster Tail

This one sounds and looks really fancy... but I swear it's so simple to make at home. The only thing you will need, that most people don't have in their homes yet, is an immersion circulator. They are well worth it to have around. I use mine all the time!

You can put 2 tails per one quart size bag, and you can do about 8 tails total per medium size stock pot. Cook time is about 40-60 minutes, and the best part about the sous vide method is you can't overcook the meat!

I use the Anova Precision Cooker, click the logo below to check them out!


4-8oz Lobster Tail

Unsalted Butter


Garlic Cloves




Chives for Garnish

Tools & Equipment:

Immersion Circulator

Kitchen Scissors

Medium Stock Pot

Vacuum Seal or Ziploc Bags



Step One: Get Your Equipment Ready

Fill your stock pot with water about 3/4 of the way to the top. Affix your immersion ciculator to the pot and turn it on. Adjust the temperature to 135 degrees.

Step Two: Prepping the Lobster

Remove the tail from the shell of the lobster by carefully cutting down the top of the shell with a pair of kitchen scissors. Gently pull the shell apart, then press at the bottom of the tail and pull the meat out.

Step Three: Season!

Sprinkle the meat with your salt, pepper and paprika then place in a ziploc bag or in your vacuum seal bag. Add a slice of lemon, a garlic clove, sprig of fresh tarragon and butter slices (I use about 2 tablespoons per tail). Seal your vacuum bag, or use the water method to seal the ziploc.

Step Four: Cook Time

Place your bag into the water and pin it to the side of the pot (very important if you use ziploc bags, water may leak through the seal and ruin your lobster meat if it's not pinned properly). Leave alone to cook for 40-60 minutes.

Step Five:

Clarify extra butter to dip, and cut some lemon for garnish. Remove the lobster from the water carefully, then take the meat from the bag. Plate, garnish, and enjoy!

This recipe is so easy, and pretty foolproof. The lobster comes out so tender and buttery; the meat is infused with the beautiful flavors of the fresh tarragon, garlic, and lemon. I highly recommend purchasing an immersion circulator and trying out this and many other recipes with it!

Let me know if you try it, and what your thoughts are!

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